I'm sure
you know them!

Let me tell you more...

  • Empowerment
  • Sisterhood
  • Recognition

'Inspiration for 
on the couch with 
a nice cup tea' 

Shop-a-holic, thats me!


Let's meet
Adam, Eve&

Sisters, here i come!


Every woman
needs inspiration
once in a while! 

Show the sisterhood!

Meet Eve & Lilith

Ask yourself the following questions, and think about how they make you feel. Do you want to know why men get paid more? How it is that we live in a male-dominated world, with hardly any women at the top? Why your male competitor is more successful when your company is better?

It's because you've never learned to use your Lilith energy. Because you were supposed to be nice and play with your dolls. Well, guess what? Maybe you don't always feel like being nice or giving your doll a bath. Perhaps you also want a big car – or a smaller one, as long as it has a lot of horsepower. And you want to be taken seriously, at work or as a successful (business)woman.

It's time you earned more money, and/or earned more than the man who cuts corners and bullshits himself to the top. Because you've had enough of playing the lady. Time to put on your big-girl pants. Welcome to the time of your life. Time to show your inner woman, and finally become who you've been inside for so long. Ladies and gentlemen: Meet yourself, version 2.0! This will be your year, and we'll help you make it so.

Meet Adam, Eve&Lilith here!


Eveline - Carolina van Straten