About Eve&Lilith

My name is Eveline-Carolina, but everyone calls me Linne. I'm the founder of Eve & Lilith, and a successful businesswoman and mother of four wonderful children. I've been married to the love of my life for more than 20 years. I have a Master's degree in business and graduated as a labour and organisational psychologist.

I'm passionate about introducing women to Eve & Lilith and their inner strength, because life became a lot easier for me after I got to know Eve & Lilith myself. All the puzzle pieces suddenly fell into place. I'm tough, strong, and independent, but I'm also sweet, gentle, and loyal.

Eve & Lilith

A bit of history: Everyone knows Eve, but Lilith is still unknown to many. Yet she plays an important (subconscious) role in our lives as women. She was Adam's first "real" woman, deviously omitted in revisions of the Bible. Because the church wasn't too happy about women who, just like Adam, were independent and autonomous.

They wanted obedient, dependent women who would give birth for the church. They needed sheep. And so, women have been pushed into a straitjacket for millennia. It's never been appropriate, and it's not appropriate now. It's time to shake off that straitjacket and reveal ourselves as independent, autonomous, balanced women. And that's Eve & Lilith's motto: becoming yourself, without feeling guilty.

"I'm tough, strong, and independent. But I'm also sweet, gentle, and loyal."

Eveline - Carolina van Straten