1-year training course

This is going to be your year, right? You were swearing to it on January 1st! You went all-in and popped the cork on the champagne. Cheers! Then the next day the hangover arrived, or the next week or month.

Because it's quite difficult to stay motivated, every day, every week, and every month, and to keep getting the best out of yourself. That's why most good intentions fade away by February or March. I still have those damn extra kilos, and running that marathon before my 50th is looking increasingly unlikely. I remain hopeful, though!

What could be better than getting together for a year with other motivated women who also want to have the best year of their lives? Pressure that will keep you from relapsing and a commitment you can't get out of.

Every month we get together for a day to discuss a theme. You'll dive in at the deep end with your new best friends, and we'll teach you to swim. After a year, you'll have gained a lot of experience, actually achieved your goals for once, and really earned that champagne!

Yes, send that motivation my way!