Sometimes a day is too short, and a 1-year training course is too long. Instead, you can simply choose to spend a few days in a different environment with sun, sea, sand, and like-minded souls.

Finally a few days all to yourself. Would you like a few days of luxury, pampering, food, and wine, while also learning some inspiring things about yourself, your company, your work, your health, your relationships, and what you want to have achieved when you look back on your life as an ageing granny? We kindly invite you to come with us to the most beautiful places on Earth.

This year, we're going to Bali, Florida, and southern Europe (we'd like to say Ibiza, but everyone and their dog is already going there and we're not sheep!). We stay in the most beautiful locations, and you'll be utterly pampered. None of that quinoa crap or fancy left-handed sheep’s milk yoghurt with bran, just eating and drinking what we love (which doesn't help Eveline-Carolina keep those damn 20 kilos off). We're together, so who cares? Enjoy life!

Yes, I want to go with you!